We send out our products using as little packaging as possible. This is better for the environment and that’s something we find very important. The packaging is useally in an envelope made from recycled paper or FSC wood. We use as little plastics as possible. But we ones we do use are upcycled (used for […]

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Fair Fibers

Fairy TAIL Fibers zijn Fair. Al onze wol is mulesing vrij. wij gebruiken zoveel mogelijk Europese wol van Europese schapen. Verwerkt in Europese fabrieken tot het halffabricaat lontwol. Wij selecteren op zachtheid en lengte van de vezels. Witte wol wordt geverfd en daarna verkocht als handgeverfde lontwol. Daarnaast verven we de wol ook nog eens […]

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black wool

In a lot of our Spinning batts and handspun wool black wool is used. Of black sheep. Naturally black wool, not dyed. Why do we choose to use black wool and why we think more people should. Efficiency In the industry, black wool is not used. In some cases black fibers are bleached into white […]

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Dyeing Wool Sustainably

To dye wool, usually a lot of toxic chemicals are used, as wel as plastic foil and a lot of energy. This way of dyeing is not sustainable and not in lign with our mission to supply people of good alternatives to fast fashion. The newest Techniques So, we developed techniques that use as little […]

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