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Fairies do two things very well: Fantasise and Create. The Fantasies of Fairies are being documented and created into realities, here at Fairy TAIL. All the Fairies want is co create with us.

Fairies Fantasies for the world and humanity are colourful, sparkling and natural. The Fantasies are of nature, and beauty and comfort. The beauty of the forest pond. Or the warmth of a fire. The colours of the rainbow, everywhere. People who are content and creating and creating with their hands once more.

The Fairies fantasize about how we, humans start creating warmth, comfort, in a natural, sparkling way like they, the fairies still know how to do. Like: spinning fibers into yarns, crochet, knitting, weaving with these yarns. Fairies know how to upcycle everything. Nothing goes to waste! There is so much we can learn from fairies.

Once upon a time the humans learned all these forgotten skills from the fairies. And now they are here to teach us once more.

Fairies have such beautiful fantasies for us humans. The Fairies Fantasize about a healthy habitat for themselves. Green forests, clear clean waters, a healthy temperature. Let’s help them save our planet. Let’s start writing this fairy tale into reality.

If we would only let them help us out a bit to find the way back to ourselves. To our own inner fairies, trolls, unicorns and wizards, our own inner witches and fairy god mothers. Let’s to this: Let’s Create Fantasies. Let’s make Fantasies Realities!


Help the Fairies manifest their Fantasies into a tangeble reality. 

Fairy Godmother Marieke

Lets make Fantasies Realities

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